Hiking in Morocco

Morocco’s main appeal is its wonderful array of beautiful open spaces. We offer you guided hiking adventures in regions as diverse and breathtaking as the wilderness of the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains.


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Hiking in the Sahara Desert and Atlas Mountains

Visitors will have the chance to discover the outdoors of Morocco on an epic scale, relatively untouched by tourism. The way of life in rural areas of southern Morocco allows for a genuine slow travel experience. You will hike with the indigenous peoples of the Atlas and the Sahara, and experience some of their customs.

Hiking the Sahara Desert is like nowhere else, and we are fortunate to hail from the region of Mhamid, in the Iriqui National Park. Our local expertise has crafted a series of desert hiking routes. However, we are able to customise any hike duration.

Our indicative desert hiking programs run from 3 days and upwards, with remote routes and wilderness camping in the unspoilt Iriqui National Park. You are unlikely to encounter many other people, except perhaps nomadic families or the occasional shepherd.

Our treks are not technical and anyone with a moderate level of fitness can take part. We offer the option to make some of the treks by camel or mule.

Should you wish to combine any of our hiking excursions together please do not hesitate to ask us. We will advise on feasibility.


Sahara Desert Hiking


Hiking in the desert is like no other experience and it offers a sense of space and remoteness. Especially when witnessed from the tops of the vast dunes, sleeping under the stars and listening to the music by the campfire.

Atlas Mountains Hiking


We’re inviting you to meet the Berbers, Morocco’s original people, whose domain is Atlas Mountains and discover a way of life seemingly unchanged in hundreds of years among the rugged slopes and snow-clad peaks.

Trekking in the Sahara Desert with Wild Morocco – Forces of Nature

I may have mentioned elsewhere on the website that trekking in the desert is like no other trekking experience. Last year, I had the privilege to experience 4 seasons in 4 days whilst trekking in the Sahara, mid-May. Let's say it was my first taste of a true desert...

Tea has a special place in Morocco

Tea-drinking is a big deal in most corners of the globe, from the Far East, Russia, India, to the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and North and East Africa, to say the least. Each nation has its own tea customs and rituals, and not everyone drinks the same blend of...

The Spirit and Community in Morocco

Morocco's culture and community spirit The question, "is it safe to visit Morocco?", is becoming timeworn and has already been debated. You would be better-served to ask, "what can I expect in Morocco?", if you've already concluded that you're visiting. If you are...

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We spent five nights and six days trekking in the Sahara desert, and from the very first contact, we received five-star service from Wild Morocco. We enthusiastically recommend their tours to anyone who would like to make the most out of their visit to this beautiful country“.

Lynn HF

5 nights / 6 days hiking in the Sahara desert

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