Ryanair invests in Morocco network

Ryanair invests in Morocco network

Ryanair’s investment from Summer 2024

New European routes with Morocco, and domestic routes

You may have missed this news announced back in mid-December 2023 on Ryanair’s website. The airline plans to invest more than $1bn (USD) in new and existing routes with Morocco, from this Summer.

Ryanair will be adding 24 new European routes to/from Morocco, alongside 11 new domestic Moroccan routes. The airline’s domestic routes are particularly interesting, given that only the national carrier has offered these to date and on a limited scale (pre-pandemic, at one point there was another entrant).

Ryanair’s aim, working with the Moroccan authorities, is to stimulate Morocco’s connectivity and tourism, and to develop Morocco’s infrastructure.

It is no secret that the authorities are keen to grow visitor numbers. One recent quote aims to see 26m visitors by 2030 (in parallel no doubt with the 2030 World Cup which Morocco is jointly hosting).

The airline will also open a new base in Tangier.

Fly Ryanair to Ouarzazate and then hike from Mhamid

Ryanair flies to the gateway to the Sahara

Since mid-2023 Ryanair has offered a route from London to Ouarzazate (currently twice-weekly). Ryanair also connects other European hubs with the airport, namely Paris and Barcelona.

One of the new domestic routes from Summer 2024 will link Tangier to Ouarzazate, the only new domestic service with Ouarzazate.

Ouarzazate is a 4 hour taxi/bus ride to the desert frontier (Mhamid), a more manageable proposition than the 10 hour bus ride from Marrakech (one bus daily).

We have used the Ouarzazate-London route ourselves and have recommended it to clients whose plans are primarily for the south of Morocco (and who may prefer to skip Marrakech in favour of spending more time with a slower holiday in the desert).

If you arrive at Ouarzazate at 11am, you can comfortably travel to Mhamid same day and then be well-placed to start hiking the following morning. Alternatively, travel direct to camp at Erg Chigaga dunes and be sitting on a dune in time for sunset.

Fly Ryanair to Ouarzazate and then hike from Mhamid with Wild Morocco

Slow travel once you land

If you are able to consider swapping out the car and taking public transport once you’re in Morocco then this is very straightforward. Furthermore, taking one of our multi-day desert hiking options will guarantee you an off-grid holiday.

Please ask us about our own experience on travel between Ouarzazate and the desert. Information on our desert hiking is here, and on our desert camping is here. Both holiday options are aimed at slowing the pace and disconnecting.

For more inspiration on slow travel in the desert, please visit our Instagram feed.


[Desert images credit Chris Phillips.]


Self-driving in Morocco – a few of our tips

Self-driving in Morocco – a few of our tips

Self-driving in Morocco

Having your own driver and 4×4 vehicle is by far the most relaxing and comfortable proposition to navigating the open roads and desert here. I endorse it, but I myself enjoy driving and love nothing more than a road-trip. What I find challenging is trying to concentrate on the road and enjoy the magnificent scenery simultaneously – well, it’s difficult – and evidently the driver can’t relax and enjoy the views as his/her passengers can. Concentration is key to self-driving in Morocco.