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Chances are, your driver will be playing a beguiling range of music on the car stereo. It will set the tone to your adventure to the Sahara. Previous clients have commented that the scenery in the far south of Morocco is like one vast film set. No wonder then that your driver’s choice of music has to enhance what the eyes are taking in!

Even if you won’t be travelling with a driver, and are planning to hike in the wilderness for a few days, you will appreciate listening to some of these artists’ songs before reaching the desert – they will conjure up atmospheric images of African desert plains, camel caravans and far-flung campfires.

The following is a short-list of some of the artists / groups that we listen to occasionally. You may be surprised to learn that most of them are not Moroccan, but are from the wider Saharan region, such as Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Algeria. It seems obvious that its neighbours’ music will have some influence within Morocco, given the historic movement of peoples through the Sahara.

Tinariwen c/o Marie PlaneilleWhilst a lot of the lyrics contain powerful messages, the music and vocals in their own right are captivating. We encourage you to listen and use that as an alternative introduction to the desert, when you’ve had your fill of desert photographs…

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Soundtrack to the Sahara (in no particular order):

You can listen to the links above using Spotify.

Note: featured image – Aziza Brahim c/o Getty Images News Photo 456229434 Barbican Centre London


  • Just brilliant! I love listening to music at home that reminds me of our trips, and often wonder what it is that all the taxi drivers play (although 'Lady in Red' in the back streets of Lima was one of the stranger taxi soundtracks we've experienced). My Moroccan playlist is shortly to be augmented, thanks for sharing!

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