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We did not include this bird in our previous blog post about Sahara Desert bird life, as we haven’t seen one up close. However, on our last client trip at the end of November, it was one of our clients who spotted the Houbara Bustard! It was whilst en-route to Lake Iriqui, approaching from the north-west, from Foum Zguid.

Its Arabic name is pronounced ‘habar’. We know well that the Houbara Bustard lives in this region, but it is so rare, and prefers to stay hidden – it’s hunted for sport in this area and is an endangered species now.

However, it is a large bird, with a wing span of up to 1.7m. Such is its striking camouflage that keeps it protected. It is resident not only in Morocco but in other parts of North Africa and in the Middle East.

We hope to see one soon…

Note: featured image c/o Andalucian Guides.

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