Morocco earthquake

A powerful earthquake (mag. 6.8) struck Morocco shortly after 11pm on Friday 8 September.

Its epicentre was in the Atlas mountains, south-west of Marrakech, north-east of Taroudant. Its force was felt across most of the country, but its devastation has hit those communities hardest in the mountains, close to the epicentre. Entire villages have been razed and countless lives lost.

The aftermath is truly shocking, not least for those who have survived, and the road to rebuild lives and communities will be very long indeed (as evidenced in Turkey and Syria, amongst others).

The Moroccan security forces, charities, and members of the public have rallied in a massive wave of solidarity and support in reaching those in immediate need of rescue, medical care, food and shelter.

King Mohamed VI himself visited some of the injured in Marrakech, and gave blood alongside hundreds of others who have been standing in line to donate.

The images of the situation on the ground are heart-wrenching. Thank you to all of you who contacted us last weekend to check on our team and families. We are all fine, but deeply upset for those families who have been impacted. Our thoughts and prayers will not stray from them.

Many of you have asked how to help, and you might have seen various incentives/funds on social media alongside numerous charity organisations (we listed a few local & international on our Instagram, by no means an exhaustive list, and you are likely to have your own preference).

To travel or not?

Many of you have asked whether you should defer your trip and you may feel conflicted about knowing what to do. We can only give an honest account of the situation on the ground, and encourage you to use your own judgment.

For instance, international flights are operating as normal and the roads are open.

The majority of our road tours do not drive through the affected region, and our drivers and guides are ready to welcome you as life for them needs to continue.

You may like to refer to your foreign office/state department websites for the latest information.

We do hope to see you soon, and thank you for your support for Morocco.

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