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Here’s a colourful, eclectic collection of films shot on location in Morocco’s medinas, desert and mountains. It’s not a ‘top-ten’, simply a list of suggested viewing and we think this has something for everyone!

We have to thank our clients (the Hunters) for proposing we compile a list like this. We are always fascinated to know which Morocco-based films have encouraged you to travel here – please let us know. The film that inspired desert travel in me as a child was filmed in Tunisia (see below).

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Whether you’ve already visited Morocco or are about to, or just have a passing curiosity, we think Morocco offers a pretty spectacular and exotic backdrop (which seems to double-up well as the Middle East). Who can’t resist a thrilling chase scene through a labyrinthine medina or a panorama across a vast, other-worldly landscape?

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Even if you just watch one or two of these (or skip to the parts filmed in Morocco), you should be inspired to see more of Morocco for yourself. There are of course countless other films we could mention, and, more recently, international TV series. Long may it continue and thrive.

Lights, camel…action

If you would like to visit any of the locations – get in touch with us and we’ll create you an itinerary.

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