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At the palm oasis of Tagounite, on the fringes of the Sahara Desert, lives our extended family. We are able to arrange a ‘homestay’ with them for the night, either en-route to the desert or as a trip in its own right. Their farmstead has land and borders the palms. The dwellings are constructed from pise-earth and the family keeps a few fields of cereals and root vegetables, along with some olive and palm trees.

In our opinion, this is the rural idyll, a very simple subsistence way of life. The house does have electricity and water (from a well). It is not a ‘guest-house’; the family wish to open their home to those who may appreciate the visit.

The homestay will appeal to those who seek an alternative introduction to Berber culture and the untouched Morocco. Guests will take meals with the family, perhaps have chance to watch the earthen bread oven in action, and walk to admire the outlying scenery around the home (the Anti-Atlas mountain ridges and the hamlets typical of the southern Draa Valley, pictured here).

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The homestay can be arranged from October through May (avoiding the summer temperatures). Alternatively we can arrange a lunch stop at the house, should you not have the time to stay overnight. We do not charge for the homestay/lunch; rather, we ask that you make a discretionary contribution to your hosts for food and lodging.

Please contact us for further details about how to arrange the homestay during your tour of Morocco’s southern oases and Sahara desert.

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