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Essence of Morocco – discover Morocco

Discover Morocco during 15 nights on our new, tailor-made itinerary ‘Essence of Morocco’. Please click here for the itinerary.

Visit four of Morocco’s nine UNESCO world heritage sites, along with two sites proposed for nomination to UNESCO – the holy town of Moulay Idriss, and the 12th Century Tin Mal mosque in the Atlas Mountains.

Contrast the wilderness of the Anti-Atlas Mountains and of the Iriqui National Park, with some of the Kingdom’s beguiling, colourful medinas. 

Enjoy elegant riads and town-houses along with wilderness camping in the Sahara desert and adobe lodges at palm oases.

Experience the timeless quality of the Draa Valley oases and kasbahs, including Mhamid’s original earth-built settlement. 

Bring all of this together by travelling old caravan routes that criss-cross the Atlas Mountain ranges at various stages, and stopping at historic settlements. 

We have just uploaded the itinerary details and pricing. If you want to discover Morocco, please contact us for more details (link below).

Who is the tour designed for?

Our Essence of Morocco tour will suit those who love to explore and enjoy getting off the beaten track. While we will certainly visit the renowned medinas of Morocco (Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fes, Marrakech), a large part of the itinerary is dedicated to less-visited but equally, if not more, beautiful areas. For us, the essence of Morocco is its natural beauty, its ancient civilisation, and its people. 

While the trip does involve a considerable amount of time in the car, we do allow time for 3 day hikes, one of which is in the Sahara desert (*possibility to extend the desert hiking and wilderness camping). The hikes are not strenuous but you should be prepared to walk for up to 4-5 hours on the longest day in the desert, on undulating terrain.

We also include two nights camping in the Sahara, one of which may be chosen as a mobile wilderness camp to allow you immersion in the rich environment.

Please contact us for any further information about this tailor-made Morocco tour and to add your name to the mailing list.

Further images of Morocco via our Instagram feed.


[Featured image: © Can Stock Photo / Pazhyna]

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