Taghazout Bay: the time to visit this upcoming region

Taghazout Bay: the time to visit this upcoming region

Reconnect to yourself and a harmonious way of life in Morocco’s surfing capital

A guest post by Sally Kirby, resident artist and yoga teacher 

It is time to reveal that this beach, fishing and surf-centric region has had a makeover!

As part of the Taghazout Bay development project, Tamraght, Taghazout and nearby Aourir (‘Banana Village’) are now home to new beachfront cafes, open-air restaurants, luxury hotels, beach clubs, and, a 5km beachfront promenade.
After a quiet couple of years – the closure of Morocco’s borders at the outset of Covid-19 brought tourism to a stark halt – life in Tamraght and Taghazout is picking up again.
Read on for a little insight as to what to expect in Morocco’s south-coast surf region these days below.
Morocco’s-surfing- coastline
Morocco’s surfing coastline on the Atlantic

Development at Taghazout Bay

Throughout 2020-2021, construction continued, with new hotels and community facilities popping up all over. Creativity boomed, the result: babies and stunning artisan works in abundance.  Those who could honed their trade with online learning and digital working.
On a personal level, I was grateful for the option to teach yoga online and to have started a series of online videos, check out You Tube via the link here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIF6vNiDnZcsDACql6dQ2wQ/videos
It was a wonderful time for the local community to connect. With no tourists to host, our attention was turned to each other, our homes, and getting to know the region better.
Now, international flights are landing daily in Agadir again…
Taghazout Bay
Restaurant overlooking Taghazout Bay

New hotels sit alongside the existing artisan & surf community

Several new hotels have opened, including a Radisson, Fairmont, Riu, Hyatt Regency, and a Hilton, Puro Beach coming soon.
It has been incredible to see the changes. The initial concerns, how will this affect local tourism, the smaller businesses and hotels?
Yes, the village feels different, more diverse in its offerings for travellers and locals alike.
The positives are starting to become clear. The beaches are cleaner, the ocean sparkles, the waves are consistent – there are brand new toilet blocks, and even an ATM!
And, at its heart, the essence of this grounded community and relaxed lifestyle has been retained.
You can choose to dip bread in amlou, a locally produced nut butter, at Babakoul, or dine out in style at a brand new five star sushi restaurant, Morimoto!
Surf hotels- luxury-retreats-Taghazout-Bay
Surf hotels and luxury retreats co-exist in Taghazout Bay

Work:life balance oceanside

Co-working spaces with fibre optic WIFI have popped up to cater for an influx of digital nomads.
Pampering pool days have become the norm, hammam & massage, hiking trails, skateboarding sessions, stand up paddle, are all great options for those rare days when there are no waves for surfing.
There are new Air B&Bs and apartment options offer a longer stay option for those coming to work remotely, is it time for you to practice finding that perfect work:life balance?
I am grateful for the time to be integrated into the local community. To have found a simpler way of life, in tune with the ocean and nature’s rhythm. If you’d like to come and sample this, please get in touch (details below), the Winter surf season has started, and it would be a pleasure to welcome you to/ back to this slice of beach and surfing heaven!
Morocco’s surfing coastline

More about the author, Sally Kirby

Sally is based full-time near Taghazout Bay, drawn to a life spent at the ocean and by a passion for Africa. Her website showcases her artwork, writing and yoga teachings. Sally’s website is here and her Instagram feed here. Thanks to Sally for providing all of the images featured in this post.

Contact us for a quote for one of our ‘Desert to Coast’ holidays. Please also enquire for a customised yoga retreat with Sally and Wild Morocco.

Author, Sally Kirby
Morocco earthquake 8 September 2023

Morocco earthquake 8 September 2023

Morocco earthquake

A powerful earthquake (mag. 6.8) struck Morocco shortly after 11pm on Friday 8 September.

Its epicentre was in the Atlas mountains, south-west of Marrakech, north-east of Taroudant. Its force was felt across most of the country, but its devastation has hit those communities hardest in the mountains, close to the epicentre. Entire villages have been razed and countless lives lost.

The aftermath is truly shocking, not least for those who have survived, and the road to rebuild lives and communities will be very long indeed (as evidenced in Turkey and Syria, amongst others).

The Moroccan security forces, charities, and members of the public have rallied in a massive wave of solidarity and support in reaching those in immediate need of rescue, medical care, food and shelter.

King Mohamed VI himself visited some of the injured in Marrakech, and gave blood alongside hundreds of others who have been standing in line to donate.

The images of the situation on the ground are heart-wrenching. Thank you to all of you who contacted us last weekend to check on our team and families. We are all fine, but deeply upset for those families who have been impacted. Our thoughts and prayers will not stray from them.

Many of you have asked how to help, and you might have seen various incentives/funds on social media alongside numerous charity organisations (we listed a few local & international on our Instagram, by no means an exhaustive list, and you are likely to have your own preference).

To travel or not?

Many of you have asked whether you should defer your trip and you may feel conflicted about knowing what to do. We can only give an honest account of the situation on the ground, and encourage you to use your own judgment.

For instance, international flights are operating as normal and the roads are open.

The majority of our road tours do not drive through the affected region, and our drivers and guides are ready to welcome you as life for them needs to continue.

You may like to refer to your foreign office/state department websites for the latest information.

We do hope to see you soon, and thank you for your support for Morocco.

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