Desert Camping

Our aim is to take you camping away from the crowds and provide you with the ultimate desert safari. We offer small desert camps in the Moroccan Sahara and the location of the camps is key.

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Under the canopy of stars – camping in Morocco

Camping within Morocco’s Sahara Desert offers so much more than sleeping under canvas and spending a night in the dunes. We encourage you to experience the local culture and rich environment, yet the desert is a relaxed place. The quietude and space is indescribable, the night-sky boundless, and the scenery otherworldly.

Activities in the dunes include guided hiking, camel trekking, sand-boarding, picnics, sunset vantage points, and hammocks.

The journey to the Sahara is an integral element of the camping, and it has never been easier to reach the desert. We arrange the camping as a complete guided package (see below) or there is a choice of internal flights to Zagora.
Alternatively, if you self-drive a 4×4 rental, we have to provide a local guide at Mhamid or Foum Zguid to navigate you across the desert.

For details of how to reach the camps, by vehicle or by foot, please get in touch or browse our 4×4 Tours and Trekking suggestions.

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Berber Desert Camping


The Berber desert camp ‘Al Koutban’ is at the base of the remote dunes of Erg Chigaga, the longest ‘erg’ (sand sea) in Morocco, and off the beaten path. The camp Al Koutban is encircled by smaller, rolling dunes for privacy which offer a great vantage point for sunset and sunrise.

Private Nomadic Camp


A private, wild encampment in the Erg Sedrar dunes, to the east of Erg Chigaga great dunes. Two hours off-road drive from civilisation. The stay at the camp can be combined with a bespoke self-drive adventure in Morocco or with a tailor-made tour.

Deluxe Camp Erg Chigaga


One of the finest tented accommodations in Morocco’s Sahara Desert, the desert camp offers pure luxury at every level but retains the spirit of the culture of the Sahara Desert, given it is run exclusively by a Berber team who all originate from the area.

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We stayed two nights in the camp, the staff was extremely nice, helpful and knowledgable. Highly recommended! Thank you for everything!“.

Matthias H

2 nights camp

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