Trekking High & Central High Atlas

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High Atlas

The High Atlas in central Morocco rises in the west at the Atlantic coast and stretches in an eastern direction to the Moroccan-Algerian border. At the Atlantic and to the southwest the range drops abruptly and makes an impressive transition to the coast and the Anti-Atlas range. To the north, in the direction of Marrakech, the range descends less abruptly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″ animation=”none” column_padding=”padding-2-percent” column_padding_position=”left” background_color_opacity=”1″][vc_column_text]

Our trekking itineraries in the High Atlas encompass tours in the Toubkal National Park, approx. 70km south of Marrakech, named for the highest point in North Africa, Jebel Toubkal. In the Central High Atlas we offer tours across the Mgoun massif, approx. 180km south-east of Marrakech, and a less well-known trekking region than the Toubkal massif.

Our indicative trekking programs run from 2 up to 9 days (maximum of 8 nights camping/mountain refuges) with six of our programs offering remoter routes with wilder camping. The Mgoun massif is less trekked than the Toubkal National Park due to its distance from Marrakech and being more off the beaten track – perfect for those wanting to get into more remote country. That said, the Toubkal massif is still less-visited than the European Alps.

Example trekking programmes:

  • Jebel Toubkal summit, 2 days;
  • Jebel Toubkal summit, 4 days circuit;
  • Jebel Toubkal summit, 5 days linear;
  • Jebel Toubkal summit, 7 days linear remote;
  • High Atlas discovery (no summit), 3 days linear;
  • Jebel Mgoun summit, 3 days circuit remote;
  • Jebel Mgoun summit, 5 days circuit remote;
  • Jebel Mgoun summit & Atlas crossing, 5 days linear remote;
  • Jebel Mgoun summit & Gorges, 9 days circuit remote;
  • Crossing the Mgoun massif (no summit), 4 days linear remote.

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Click on the images to enlarge / © Images courtesy of Wild Morocco


Important information:

  • Trekking time each day is approx. 6-7 hours with plenty of rest stops and a long lunch break in shade;
  • However, summit days entail trekking time of between approx. 9-11 hours with an early morning start to avail of the best weather conditions;
  • All tours are full board basis with overnight in 2-person bivouac tents, mountain refuges or comfortable guest houses;
  • Please allow up to a day for travel to reach the mountains from the start point and the same to return;
  • Our start and finish point is usually Marrakech – please specify alternative at time of booking;
  • Tours run from June to October;
  • Altitude sickness should not be a problem as we will not be spending any great length of time at high altitude (above 3500m). Our guides are trained to notice any problems therefore it is imperative that you follow their instructions and respect the walking pace they set. The fitter you are before you trek with us the more enjoyable your experience will be, although no trek is technical and is well within the capabilities of a reasonably strong hill-walker.

Please contact us for information on arranging day walks should you prefer to be based in a guest house and make a series of guided exploratory day walks instead of a trekking tour with camping.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”10″][/vc_column][/vc_row]