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About Us

Yahya Boulfrifi
Emily Burrows

Please look Wild Morocco up in Lonely Planet Morocco, we’ve been featured since edition 2014 and look forward to the newest edition release in Fall 2021. For the online edition of LP, please click here.

Yahya Boulfrifi

Yahya hails from the Moroccan Sahara, living out his youth literally in the wilderness. He is one of the last generation to have grown up as children in the region, previously practising a way of life that had remained unchanged for centuries. Since establishing Wild Morocco he has been fortunate to have travelled extensively overseas. Yahya is not only an experienced desert trekking guide but also one of the safest drivers you are likely to meet. Naturally, he knows how to handle any situation in the desert wilderness (navigating safely in zero-visibility without a reference point, finding shelter in a gale-force wind). Expect a genuine introduction to Amazigh culture from an experienced professional.

Yahya’s family left their desert home in 1990 as water, previously provided by the Draa River to deep wells, became too scarce and life in the desert untenable. Yahya’s family has since lived in M’hamid El Ghezlane, the lively frontier village at the end of the tarmac road before the desert opens out.

Emily Burrows

Emily previously held management positions in a number of multinationals. She had already been an avid fan of Morocco, having initially visited the country to trek the mountains, but it was the desert that kept her here (in her words, the introvert’s dream destination). Since leaving her corporate career in the City, she has made Morocco her base, and has travelled extensively in the Kingdom, besides working in tourism in other roles. She will be among the first to tell you that Morocco offers a truly captivating package – desert, mountains, coast, an enthralling culture, and all the colours – and hopes that every visitor to Morocco leaves with the same feeling.

Read Emily’s interviews on the following links via Tea in Tangier and Some background on sustainable travel with Wild Morocco, and why the Kingdom is so appealing.

The Team

The rest of our team – just a few of the many faces below – we use only the most trusted and respected guides, drivers and support team, who are long-standing colleagues and friends. Our aim is to bring you an unforgettable holiday that will bring you back again to Morocco.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, however small.